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    "F" Polishing Workshop


    Size 128 m2, polishing room 26 m2, workshop 102 m2, 3 m interior height

    Technical specifications: 

    Suitable workshop for polishing cars, consists of a preparation room and a Saico type polisher.

    Other devices:

    - paint mixer device
    - paint gun washer
    - industrial compressor with airdrier
    - industrial hood for dry grinding machines

    Covered with gres tiles.

    Heating: radiators. Heating in polishingroom is possible with either gas burner or oil burner in order to keep costs low.

    Bright place with many windows.

    Overhead costs are calculated based on sub-meters.

    Get in touch with us for special offers, if you want to get better prices for long-term contract or a lump sum payment of larger rent fees.

    • "F" Polishing workshop
    • "F" Polishing workshop
    • "F" Polishing workshop