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  • Demet-Park

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    "D" Storage, Workshop


    Size 380 m2, interior height 4.1 meters

    Technical specifications: 

    380m2 building primarily for workshop or storage purposes. In case of need you can also rent 150 m2 sized “A” class offices in addition.

    The area’s advantage: tidy industrial environment

    Excellent location. Industrial Hörmann gates can be found at both ends of the building, therfore trucks can reach both sides or go through.

    Covered with viacolor tiles, forklifts can be used.

    Roofing stands of partitions therefore walls can be placed anywhere. Upon request the area can be split into two as there are two separate entrances.

    Interior lights and natural light provide excellent visibility.

    All utilities are available with unique meters.

    Transport within the property is possible through viacolor covered internal roads.

    Taking into consideration the specific needs of tenants minor changes are possible.

    Overhead costs are calculated based on sub-meters.

    The interior height is 4.1 m.


    Get in touch with us for special offers, if you want to get better prices for long-term contract or a lump sum payment of larger rent fees.

    • "D" Raktár, Műhely
    • "D" Raktár, Műhely
    • "D" Raktár, Műhely
    • "D" Raktár, Műhely
    • "D" Raktár, Műhely