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    +36 20 364 6698

    "C" Storage, Workshop


    Size 500 m2, Office 24 m2, toilet 4 m2, dressing rooms 11 m2, inner height 4.5 m

    Technical specifications: 

    Self-contained industrial building made of brick, covered with gress tiles, available to forklift use.

    The building has thermal insulation, heating is provided by gas air diffuser.

    The building includes 4 offices and a dressing room with shower.

    The facility can be reached by truck. The yard is covered with pavement and has a separate entrance.

    Overhead costs are calculated based on sub-meters.



    Get in touch with us for special offers, if you want to get better prices for long-term contract or a lump sum payment of larger rent fees.

    • C building entrance
    • C building hall
    • C building hall
    • C building hall
    • C building hall
    • C building hall
    • C building hall
    • C building kitchen
    • C building kitchen